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Dr.Ilangovan Ramasamy AgriInfoTech,Inc USA 166 Lawrence Road SALEM -NH 03079 USA Phone: More and more people are eating organic food. Once derided as a \"hippie fad,\" today organic is the fastest growing segment of the United States food. AgriInfoTech 205 D.B. Road R.S.Puram COIMBATORE 641 002 Ph: 0422-2474776

Dr.Ilangovan Ramasamy We are a team of agricultural scientists in India get into natural product manufacturing and formulation process. Our team has natural resource management specialists, a herbalist with specialized knowledge in herbs, an organic agronomists, skilled artisans (about 45 years of yeomen services in oil crushing) of oil manufacturing, and few marketing researchers. Our strength is very strong domain knowledge in Indian botanicals. One of our technology person Dr.Rama has 35 years of research experience in botanicals particularly neem. We are adapting T3\'s approach-meaning Traditional Technology Transfer -(bringing the older technology in a newer fashion). We realized the present situation of farming the agriculturists are dumping the toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers into their cultivation practices. Farmers are thinking that there is no alternate for the chemical pesticides and fertilizers even knowing the dangerous side effects of all those inputs. But there are plenty of natural, biological and herbal input materials which gives far better results than the chemical inputs. Realizing the importance and impact of ecological balance, environmental pollution, human health , resource utilization and recycling and sustainable environment, we at AgriNeem ( a branch of AgriInfoTech, Inc. USA), developed ecofriendly , natural derivatives for agriculture. Please read our scientific advisors approach of botanicals formulations:Neem Story-Dr.Rama Read about our Business Plan for the Investors or Distributors: AgriNeem-Business Plan To see about Botanical Supply Programs: NeemOil Supply-Flow Diagram Dr. Rama is recognized by American Biographical Institute for his remarkable contributions and achievements in Indian Agriculture as


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